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Getting Started

Whether you're a drone operator seeking to expand, logistic service, or, setting up a new business, Flytrex provides everything you need to start delivering with drones easily and affordably!

Cloud Connected Drones

Drones are everywhere nowadays, yet they all rely on a pilot with a remote control. In order to operate a fleet of drones automatically, safely and cost effectively, we've developed the world’s first drones that are controlled using our Control Center, over the cloud, rather than a pilot.

By harnessing the power of the cloud we're giving you all the tools you need to start delivering by drones today.

Control Center

The Flytrex Control Center is an advanced, yet easy to use, online dashboard that brings all the tools you need to manage your fleet of delivery drones - whether your fleet includes a single drone running deliveries within an exclusive resort, or, tens of drones delivering consumer goods across an entire city.
Advanced Routes Management - Define flight routes with unlimited smart way-points. Routes can takeoff and land from a single center or multiple centers.
Smart Way-Points - Use actionable way-points to define different actions across routes. Land with or without recipient approval, wire release from mid air, fly though points to fly between trees and other man made obstacles and more.
Reports - The most detailed reports for each mission, including full telemetry data, flight play-back, server logs and flight controller reporting.
Automatic Preflight - The system automatically performs a full system preflight check before approving each takeoff, verifying hardware readiness, flight route availabililty, weather conditions and more.

Our Projects

Flytrex offers enterprise solutions where we manage the complete end-to-end operation. Some of our important goals when choosing new projects includes finding a strong local partner, the ability to shape local regulations and help advance drone delivery services in a global scale. If you feel this is relevant let's get in touch.